CitiCam has worked with a wide array of clients over its history. Some have extensive needs, approaching us for full-scale production, while others come with more simple requests. Whatever the need, we at CitiCam realize that we are a partner to the project and an integral part to creating a finished, successful product. This doesn't mean a simple "point-and-shoot" production or a "cut-and-paste" edit. It means bringing all of our talents and professionalism to the table in order to create a unique and inspired project. CitiCam has assisted countless clients in doing just this.

When MTV was looking to add a little rock'n'roll to the newly born cable industry, they approached CitiCam to develop a unique style. We created what became known as the "MTV look," shooting everything from MTV News to Cindy Crawford's House of Style. The influence of this approach came to be imitated in all forms of media, from commercials to feature films and is now a permanent part of the entertainment landscape.

Martha Stewart Living also gives tremendous weight to its visual style and presentation. CitiCam lights and shoots the homes, clothes and food in such a way that it appears as though the viewer could almost reach through the screen and touch them. Our crews have the experience and talents necessary to allow the show to most effectively reach its audience.

When it comes to celebrity interviews, there is no greater standard than that set by "The Barbara Walters Specials". CitiCam not only knows how to make the celebrities look their best, but we also understand the intricacies of working with talent that has limited time and access. It is this kind of job-specific sensitivity that we also bring to our many "behind the scenes" projects for clients such as NBC, HBO, Paramount Pictures, Universal and Columbia Pictures.

CitiCam has also worked on a tremendous amount of non-broadcast, corporate programming. Clients have included such Fortune 500 Companies as Xerox, Met Life, Waterhouse Securities and Ernst & Young.

When it comes time to piece it all together, CitiCam is the preferred choice of many. With cutting-edge technology and an award-winning editorial staff, clients such as Court TV, A&E, Lifetime Television, Palm Pictures, IBM and Simon & Shuster rely on us to get the job done on time and on budget. Some of the most successful broadcast programs and industrials of the last ten years have reached their level of excellence in the suites of CitiCam.
Other CitiCam clients include: Panasonic, VH-1, The Discovery Channel, America's Most Wanted, Dick Clark Productions, 20th Century Fox, The Disney Channel, Harpo Productions, ABC News, Burger King, Weight Watchers, HBO Sports, Smirnoff, Showtime, Edelman Public Relations, Estee Lauder
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