CitiCam Shooting Packages:

Crew Packages include a cameraman, audioman, and production assistant, along with a production van and both a Camera and Audio package.

Packages are based on full day (10 hours) or a half-day (5 hours) rates. These times are based on location call to location call within Manhattan or CitiCam portal to portal outside of Manhattan.
Camera Format Choice:HDCAM,DigiBeta,DVCPro,DVCam,MiniDV,BetaSP 		
Sachtler Video 20 Tripod					
15x-18X Fujinon Zoom Lens					
Rear Zoom Grip						
(5) Anton Bauer Batteries						
Ultra-Light  Camera Mount Light			
9" Color Field Monitor					
Assorted BNC Cables					
AC Cables
(3) Hardwired Lavalier Mics
RE-50 Hand Mic
Boom Pole
Sennheiser Shotgun Mic w/WS
Sound Devices 442 or Shure 33 Mixer
Audio Snake
Assorted Specialty Cables
Assorted 25' XLRs
Sony Headset

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